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[Household cutlery]Home tableware also has a service life - how often do you change home tableware?

Sep 07,2023 | shopwithgreen

Home dining includes ceramics, plastics, metals and other materials. It is very characteristic in color design, which can adapt to the home environment of different colors. Young couples can choose a set of brightly colored tableware, which can add warmth and romance to your life.

Home tableware also has a service life - how often do you change home tableware?

Many people think that there is no need to change tableware as long as it can be used. In fact, tableware also has a service life, and expired tableware should be replaced in time.

If the coating of metal products is damaged, it should be replaced.

Many people think that metal products are safe and can be used for life, but this is not the case. Take the most common iron pot as an example. Once the stainless "oil layer" on the surface of the iron pot falls off, the rust in the pot is easy to cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, poor appetite, etc. Enamel products are prone to cracks, and substances such as aluminum silicate coated on enamel products will be transferred to food. Stainless steel is made of ferrochrome alloy mixed with nickel, molybdenum and other metals, which also contain ingredients that are harmful to the human body. Therefore, when it is found that the kitchenware made of metal is scratched, the surface paint or the coating is falling off, it should be replaced in time.

Ceramic products can be replaced if there is a crack.

The beautiful colored glaze of porcelain contains lead. When there is a crack, the lead may overflow and be mixed into the food. Therefore, ceramic tableware with cracks should not continue to be used.

The life of tableware is inseparable from its maintenance. For ceramics, metal and other kitchen utensils, we can extend their service life through careful maintenance. However, once there is a phenomenon of rupture, deformation, deporcelain removal, etc., it should also be replaced in time. Don't "waste" precious life for the sake of temporary "saving".

Bamboo and wood products should be replaced in half a year.

The natural bamboo and wood tableware is non-toxic and is deeply loved by consumers, but such Tableware It is easy to breed bacteria. If you don't pay attention to disinfection, it may cause intestinal diseases. The service life of bamboo and wood tableware is half a year to one year. It is best to disinfect household chopsticks once a week.TablewareBoil it in boiling water for 30 minutes, or disinfect it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes.

Plastic products are changed once a year.

Plastic products are light and not easy to break, and can be seen everywhere on the dining table. However, once they are out of service, they are likely to become brittle and aging, and harmful small molecules are easy to precipitate. If you find that the plastic meal is scratched, the original smooth surface becomes rough, or has a pungent "plastic smell", then even if it is used for less than a year, it should be replaced in time.

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