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[Household cutlery] What material is the best plate and how to choose it? Do you know these points?

Oct 04,2023 | shopwithgreen

Now the value of our dishes is getting higher and higher, not only in use, but also in value. We pay more attention to whether it looks good, as if we are choosing decorations, but if this tableware looks better, it seems to be delicious to eat.

But you must pay attention to the quality of things like this that are filled with food and then imported into the kitchen. Here are some ways to choose plates:

Straw plastic plates are not easy to break. If there are children at home, you can choose this kind of plate, but you must see the material label of the plate clearly when choosing. You should choose food-grade materials, and you must pay attention when choosing materials.

Ceramic plates are not only easy to clean, but also have good thermal insulation. Moreover, ceramic plates have very high face value and many patterns.

The glass plate is most often used as a fruit plate, which is more beautiful to use. This type of plate generally has a higher face value, but the glass plate can't be used for exothermic dishes, because the glass has good thermal conductivity, and if it is used to exothermic dishes, it will be very hot. But if it is the kind of heat-resistant glass, but if it is ordinary, don't try it to prevent burns.

① A good quality plate, no matter what material it is made of, will have a smooth and flawless surface. Pay attention to whether the surface light is smooth or not when selecting it.

② Some inferior dishes are made of inferior fuel, so it is very easy to fade when they are used. When buying dishes, you should observe the surface patterns of the dishes and touch them with your hands to see if they will fade and the colors are even.

(3) whether there are gaps at the edge and bottom edge of the plate. If there are gaps, they are basically defective and unqualified, so we must pay attention to them.

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