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[Household cutlery] Which bowl is more suitable for home use, ceramic bowl, stainless steel bowl, glass bowl or wheat straw bowl?

Oct 04,2023 | shopwithgreen

Speaking of this bowl, it is estimated that most people just look at the face value. In fact, Xiaobian is also one of them. As a result, I bought it back. This one can't be put in the microwave oven, and that one can't be put in the oven. I regret it. So how should we choose the material of the bowl?

  1. Ceramic Bowl

Ceramic bowls must be familiar to everyone. This is the material of bowls that we first used and have never been eliminated.

In the past, the pattern of ceramic bowls was single. Now, ceramic bowls are not only varied, but also better in technology. Ceramic bowls are convenient to clean daily, suitable for holding high-temperature (relatively speaking) cooking things, slow in heat transfer, stable in chemical properties and long in service life. Let's just say, I feel that ceramic bowls have too many advantages besides not being resistant to falling! But please note: choose a regular and qualified ceramic bowl!

  1. glass bowl

Generally, high-boron glass has a high temperature and a low temperature, and its application range is wide. Microwave ovens can do anything, which makes things look good. More importantly, it won't produce any harmful substances in the heating process. Therefore, those who often use microwave ovens and ovens at home should try to use glass bowls. The disadvantage may be that they are not resistant to falling, and even the glass bowls are healthier than ceramic bowls, pollution-free and environmentally friendly. However, the premise is to buy good glass instead of shoddy, or they will really explode as soon as hot water is poured, so they still choose high.

  1. Stainless steel bowl (try to choose 304 stainless steel)

I remember when I was a child, I used to use a stainless steel bowl. In my childhood memory, this kind of bowl is not hot, and it is super light. It is resistant to falling and has a long life. It is easy to clean. Let's just say that you really can't break it.

It is suitable for children in general, because it is very light and corrosion-resistant.

It won't have any acid-base reaction with food. I think the shortcoming is ugly, and it's not artistic, but remember to choose the regular 304 stainless steel material.

  1. Wheat Straw Bowl

I fell in love with this kind of bowl at first sight, because I really haven't seen a bowl more artistic than it. Of course, as the name implies, this kind of bowl is made of wheat straw, which is environmentally friendly, has no heavy metals, is degradable, durable and resistant to falling, and has a faint smell of wheat when it is used, which is very comfortable. The bowl made of wheat straw is a bowl with both strength and face value, but the disadvantage may be that it has not formed a unified market, so we should buy qualified wheat straw bowls when choosing.


In fact, the four kinds of bowls on the market have their own merits, depending on your own needs!

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