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[Household cutlery]Why are more and more people starting to use it?Wheat straw Tableware?

Sep 30,2023 | shopwithgreen

I don't know if my friends have found that in recent years, with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection,Wheat straw The series of tableware gradually appears frequently in everyone's life.。

People are concerned about Wheat straw Series The recognition of tableware is not only due to its "environmental protection" characteristics. In fact, it is also an affirmation of its functionality and application.

Wheat straw Tableware, as the name implies, its raw material is taken from Wheat straws and straws To achieve environmental protection from the source. In the process of production and packaging, it needs to go through many ultraviolet disinfection, and finally seal the coating/whole roll of packaging to ensure that it is safe and healthy in your hands.
Wheat straw The recovery process is simple, and it will eventually be absorbed by the soil and classified as nutrients to continue to moisturize the organism. It comes from nature and returns to nature.
Not only such as Therefore, some at home can also avoid the embarrassing scene when the tableware is not enough, and easily resolve the embarrassing crisis.

Large-scale banquet

Generally, large-scale banquets have a large number of participants and a large scale, so more meals and tableware are needed. So this At that time, it is particularly important to have a tableware that is light, practical and does not need to be washed.Wheat straw tableware The four-piece set weighs only 42g, and the texture is hard and feels smooth. You can still smell a faint smell.The fragrance of wheat straw Fresh and natural. And use Wheat straw Tableware can also greatly facilitate the preparation and after-care work of banquets, saving labor and time.
Wheat straw In addition to the above quality, tableware also has the characteristics of non-absorbing and non-infiltration.Wheat straw The excellent functionality and practicality of tableware enable it to meet the needs of use in many application scenarios.

ShopwithgreenThe company listens to the needs of various families every day. Therefore, both tableware and storage always emphasize the concept of environmental protection, safe Ty, practicality and simple design. We believe that you can get the best quality products and services here. And if you have used their products, you will be willing to establish a long-term and meaningful rel Ationship with them.

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