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[Household cutlery]4 reasons why you should choose bamboo fiber tableware

Sep 29,2023 | shopwithgreen

Prepare a good set of children's tableware for children,For many people, tableware is just an ordinary daily necessities, but children's tableware and daily necessities can be important objects to cultivate children's beauty from an early age, and it is also an item that parents need to see and often use every day in their lives.

Have you noticed it? Normally, a group of plastic/PLA/melamine (bone porcelain) tableware has a lifespan of about three months. Because it is easy to release toxins after scratching after three months of use, the tableware can also cost nearly 200 yuan in two years.US dollar Even more.

Bamboo fiber tableware is made of natural materials and can be used for many years. This article tells you why it is so important to choose a good set of children's tableware:

Understanding bamboo fiber is good for children and the environment.

Did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing herb on earth? It is 1/3 times faster than ordinary trees, and some species can even grow 30 centimeters tall in a day.

The biggest advantage of bamboo fiber is that it contains antibacterial substances, which have natural and long-lasting antibacterial properties. It can also achieve natural decomposition in the natural environment and will not cause secondary pollution to the earth.

Most of the common children's tableware on the market are made of pp plastic and melamine (bone porcelain). Why choose bamboo fiber? Compared with these common materials, what is better about bamboo fiber?

First of all, from the perspective of food safety, melamine (bone porcelain) will begin to release melamine when heated to more than 30-40 degrees; and the common PP will also produce plasticizers that are harmful to the human body at a medium and high temperature of about 60 degrees. The former will cause hepatic and nephropathy, while the latter will cause

The design is more user-friendly and safer.、Easy to clean, easy to heat,Unlike bamboo children's tableware, which generally adds plastic or chemicals, all-natural brand bamboo fiber tableware is the most heat-resistant children's tableware on the market at present. It can withstand the high temperature of 100 degrees Celsius and is more durable.

How to intelligently distinguish the authenticity of "natural bamboo fiber" children's tableware?

There are many children's tableware advertised as all-natural materials on the market. Please note that there are many "natural tableware" that add PP plastic or melamine (bone china). There are several simplest ways to distinguish:

  1. Are the ingredients carefully marked on the package? If not, there is likely to be a problem.

Small size shopwithgreen children's tableware It is made of bamboo fiber powder, plant starch and natural resin.

  1. The fiber meal that is very light and heat-resistant (within 90 degrees) has a high probability of adding PP plastic. In short, it is still plastic, still undecomposable, and there are still plasticizer doubts.

Small size Shopwithgreen children's tableware It can withstand up to 100 degrees, and the quality is solid, so that you can spend every penny. It is a heat-resistant natural children's tableware on the market.

  1. Did the manufacturer take out a complete inspection report?

Small sizeHopwithgreenWith SGS and FDA certification, it presents the best with heart.

ShopwithgreenThe company listens to the needs of various families every day. Therefore, both tableware and storage always emphasize the concept of environmental protection, safe Ty, practicality and simple design. We believe that you can get the best quality products and services here. And if you have used their products, you will be willing to establish a long-term and meaningful rel Ationship with them.

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