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【Bento boxes】 Wheat straw bento box, student bento box, microwave oven lunch box, fresh-keeping box recommended

Jul 29,2023 | shopwithgreen

Product parameters:

Product brand:Shopwithgreen

Product material:Wheat straws and straws

Scope of application:Student self-use/working white-collar workers

Product name:WheatStalks remaining after threshingDouble buckleBento box

Product specifications:14Cm*7.3Cm*23cm

Product features:A variety of optional/gift-giving products

About the weight of the lunch box: 203g

The weight of the whole box: 271g

This bento boxAdvantages of:

Wheat straw material, wheat straw,"Degradable wheat fiber material“,Organic wheat straw, hot pressing molding,Present the true color of straw,New materials are biodegradable,Wheat straw material, placed in the soil, will decompose by itself.,Does not contain heavy metals,It does not contain heavy metals such as lead and chromium contained in other tableware. It is healthy and environmentally friendly.,Wheat straw material integrated molding, leisurely wheat fragrance.

This good-looking bento boxHow was it born? The organic wheat straw is ground into powder, and cellulose, starch, water, PP and other raw materials are added. Under the state of high temperature and high pressure, it is durable and environmentally friendly after being shaped by abrasive.Bento boxThis is the birth!

Product details:

Lock design.,It can be fastened, locked tightly, and the box body is tightly fastened to the lid.

Non-slip bottom,Non-slip bottom, stable without hurting the desktop.

Wheat material,The product is made of wheat straw to retain the true color of wheat.

Transparent box lid,Dustproof and insulated, you can clearly see the food, open the lid and eat it immediately.

How to choose reassuring Bento boxes

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