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[Household cutlery]It only takes a few steps to make the old tableware unique! Very good-looking and practical

Sep 21,2023 | shopwithgreen

The tableware at home is replaced every year. I don't want to continue to use the old tableware at home. It's a pity to throw it away directly. You might as well try the old cutlery.TablewareDIY transformation to make a practical and fashionable fruit basket.

For people with strong manual skills, you can use old tableware to make a lamp for you in minutes. Don't think it's very complicated. After watching the production process of the talent, I found it very simple. A newbie like me can also get started quickly.

There are also lamps made of colorful tableware, which are even more pleasing to the eye. I have a little trick that does not crack at the bottom of the tableware: soaking the tableware in water can prevent the tableware from cracking due to excessive force.

I don't want to be so troublesome. It's also good to simply grow more meat and put it at home for decoration.

This kind of shaped tableware can be used. The small candlesticks made of candles in the tableware are arranged in a row. The non-flammable candlestick material is safe to use and not hot.

Are you still using the wind chime? The wind chime made of this spoon is really not to be missed. Remove the spoon handle, spray different colors of paint according to your preference, and the wind blows through the spoon to make a crisp jingle sound.

Usually, there is no shelf at the entrance. It's better to create a unique tableware shelf by yourself. Bend the tableware with pliers, and then fix it with screws. In the hallway and kitchen, it is practical and special.

If you are also a handicraft enthusiast and have strong hands-on ability, why don't you try these unique shelves. Even the weight of red wine can bear it. Can you not move when you see such a vivid and interesting shelf?

The last one is made by a craftsman. This craft is no longer a simple transformation of old things, but a real work of art! For me, who has weak hands-on ability, I silently looked at the knife and fork in my hand. Forget it, just take a look at this. After reading so many models, I don't know which one do you like best?

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