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[Household cutlery] Tableware design ideas

Sep 19,2023 | shopwithgreen

The purpose of tableware design is to improve the use experience and the operation efficiency.

First of all, the experience can be divided into visual experience and ergonomics:

Visual experience is aesthetic feeling, and tableware design must be beautiful, including the beauty of single utensils and the beauty of combination; It is necessary to enhance the richness of the dishes and add color to the dishes.

It is also necessary to enhance the sense of hierarchy, and the tableware is reasonably matched, with clear priorities and layers. Enhance the sense of brand grade through aesthetic design.

In this design, ergonomics is simplified as "feel", that is, whether the size, shape and force of tableware and human body match and whether it is convenient and convenient to use;

In addition, there are safety issues, so don't burn or fall during use.

Secondly, operational efficiency is an important evaluation index and design basis for tableware design. Improving operational efficiency means reducing costs.

Tableware design must aim at reducing production cost, transportation cost, use cost, management cost, consumption cost and storage cost.

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