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[Wheat Straw Tableware] How to distinguish between tableware made of wheat straw and tableware made of ordinary plastic?

Jul 15,2023 | shopwithgreen

How to distinguish tableware made of wheat straw from tableware made of common plastic;

  1. Smell the taste. Put the two kinds of tableware into containers with boiling water. Generally, the wheat straw has no pungent smell, but it also has a faint smell of plants. Even if the hot water is cleaned and disinfected many times, it has no pungent plastic smell.

  1. Burn it. Generally, tableware made of pure plastic materials will taste very pungent and unpleasant after being burned, and wheat straw can also be burned, but the taste is not so unpleasant and pungent.

  1. Knock hard. Generally, tableware made of pure plastic is very tough and strong. However, the wheat straw material is not so tough, and it is easy to be broken under strong beating.

     4.utilization rate, the utilization rate of tableware made of pure straw is very low, and some are even disposable. At present, the straw tableware repeatedly used in the market is made of straw with some shaping chemical additives and physical shaping.

  1. How to choose reliable wheat straw tableware?

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