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[Wheat Straw Tableware] Is wheat straw tableware resistant to high temperature? Is it harmful to human body? Advantages and disadvantages of wheat straw

Jul 14,2023 | shopwithgreen

When you buy lunch boxes online, you can always see recommended wheat straw tableware. I have always thought that wheat straw tableware is environmentally friendly, but it is all plastic. If it can't be heated, it is very inconvenient to bring meals to the company at noon.

Actually, it's not like this. Next, let's explain the wheat straw tableware.

1. [What is Wheat Straw Tableware]

As the name implies, wheat straw tableware is a new type of degradable environmental protection tableware which is molded by fiber extraction and pulp-water mixing of wheat straw. Compounds that can be naturally decomposed, such as paper, wood, plants and food, can be called carbon dioxide and water under the action of microorganisms. And this degradable thing is still relatively environmentally friendly.

2. [Is wheat straw tableware harmful to human body]

Because wheat straw tableware is molded by mixing wheat straw through a series of related operations, it belongs to natural ingredients. However, mixed molding requires a fusing agent such as polypropylene. Of course, these additives must be food-grade specified by the state or the European Union.

3. 【 Difference between Wheat Straw Tableware and Ordinary Tableware 】

The biggest difference is that it will not produce toxins after heating.

Ordinary plastic tableware will decompose toxic components after heating at high temperature, while wheat straw will not produce toxins at high temperature because it is molded from natural substances.

In addition, from the appearance and hardness. Tableware made of wheat straw is much more beautiful than ordinary plastic tableware. Moreover, the hardness of wheat straw tableware is also relatively high, which is not easy to deform and can be recycled for many times.

Tableware made of ordinary plastic will deform as long as it is slightly hard, and the number of uses is limited.

4. [Advantages of Wheat Straw Tableware]

Wheat straw tableware has other advantages besides being degradable and environmentally friendly, which are summarized as follows:

(1) The smell of wheat straw tableware is not too unpleasant plastic;

(2) Durable and not easy to break;

(3) The appearance of wheat straw tableware is beautiful, simple and not lacking in design sense, and the color is not gorgeous, but it makes people feel natural.


The above is the relevant information of wheat straw tableware. To sum up, wheat straw tableware can resist high temperature, which is better than many plastic fast food lunch boxes.

5.[How to choose the safe wheat straw tableware]

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